Choosing The Right Vapourizer

CBD For Pain Relief
CBD For Pain Relief

The CBD industry is progressing at blinding speeds, and secured in a saddle on its back is the CBD vaporizer market. The sheer number of companies that are coming to the scene is mind-blowing, but let us not turn away from the fact that not all the vaporizers are equal. Some are safer than others, while some cut corners to make quick profits. As a consumer, it is better that you associate yourself with the former.

As a consumer, you must be aware and informed on the various capabilities of what defines a good CBD oil vape pen starter kit and stay as far as possible from bad ones. We are here to break it down for you. Read on…

Things To Look Out For When Searching For Vapourizers

Go For Pure Titanium, No For Titanium Alloy

One of the highlighted writings on most CBD vaporizer labelings, include “made from titanium”. The world would be much more peaceful had there been just one type of titanium.  But that is not, as high-quality titanium are those that are grouped in like grade 1 & 2 titanium; these are expensive and give quite a thrashing to the wallet. Manufacturers make use of titanium alloys which are much less safe. You must be thinking, what is all this about using titanium?

Titanium when used as a heating coil doesn’t break down to form nanoparticles that travel to your respiratory organs and cause undue long-term effects. Other substances and alloys are not tested and are generally considered unsafe. So how can you make out if pure titanium is used or not? The vaporizer coil can only run on sub-ohm batteries. So if you see that the vaporizer makes use of a standard e-cigarette battery, you know what to think.

Check for certification and testing results from third-party labs.

The Temperature Controls Being Used

The vaporizer works by holding down on the button, causing the voltage to pass through the heating coil which in turn heats the CBD oil to turn to fumes. The longer you hold down on the button, the more the temperature rises. It is true that the heating of CBD is good and it undergoes the process of decarbing or decarboxylation. But this too can only be done to a limit, and beyond which the various cannabinoids in the CBD lose their properties and become obsolete.

Make sure that the temperature control technology being used in your vaporizer has a temperature cap or a way for you to limit the rise in temperature.