Do’s And Don’ts When You Market CBD

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Selling CBD Products
Selling CBD Products

Even though the use of CBD is now considered legal, there is still a lot of confusion existing regarding the effects created by this compound in the human body. Different states have varying levels of restrictions and regulations in selling CBD products. Therefore, it is important for CBD manufacturers, marketers, and sellers to comply with these rules. Otherwise, there is much possibility for you to get into legal trouble.

Some manufacturers use fake claims for marketing CBD products. However, this is punishable as this may mislead the buyers. There are some important guidelines you have to follow when marketing CBD products. Below shared are the dos and don’ts you have to notice when marketing your CBD products.

Don’ts In Marketing CBD

There are certain things that you should never do when marketing different CBD products. Some of them are mentioned below:

Don’t Make Health Claims About Your CBD Products

You are not allowed to make any health claims regarding your CBD product. Products that are intended for medical use and products that affect the functions and structure of the body should be approved by the FDA. The only FDA-approved CBD product is Epidiolex, which is a prescription medication used for the treatment of epileptic seizures. Hence, you are not permitted to make any health claims for other CBD products. Any sort of such medical claims will be considered misleading.

Ensure that you do not claim that your product can treat a specific disease or health condition like cancer, heart diseases, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, depression, PTSD, etc. This may even lead to the ban of your products.

Don’t Recommend A CBD Product As A Substitute For Pharmaceutical Therapies

Another important thing you have to notice is that you should not recommend a CBD product as a substitute for other pharmaceutical drugs. You might have to face legal actions if you do so.

Do’s In CBD Marketing

Even though there are a lot of restrictions in CBD marketing, there are also many other claims you are allowed to make. Some of them are mentioned below:

Can Include Terms That Are Related To Emotions Or Temporary States

You can claim that your product will help to improve focus, uplift mood, or reduce stress, etc. These claims are permitted, as they are not misleading or overpromising to customers.

Can Use Cosmetic Claims

It includes making claims about beautifying the outer appearance of a person without impacting the structure or functions of the body. Therefore, you can say that your product can be useful for soothing the skin, changing the skin tone, etc.

The CBD industry is very complicated, as there are different rules and regulations regarding the use of this compound. You have to follow these guidelines when marketing CBD, otherwise, you may get in legal trouble.