Enumerating The Side Effects Of Vaping You Must Familiarize

Cannabinol Oil Vs Tincture
Cannabinol Oil Vs Tincture
Cannabinol CBD
Cannabinol CBD

We all know the answer to the question ‘what is CBD good for?’ CBD has plenty of health benefits and therapeutic uses. It has anti-inflammatory traits and analgesic properties that take care of most of the healing process. Although it is medicinal, not everyone can tolerate its earthy taste. To cater to the taste-specific needs of its customers, CBD comes in a variety of flavors as well as forms. Vaping cannabinol CBD is the current trend among the users of CBD. It is a wise alternative to traditional cigarette smoking habit.

Potential Side Effects Of Vaping

Even though vapes aren’t medical devices, you must accept that it has potential side effects. In the upcoming sections, we will be discussing some of its side effects.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a common side effect experienced by the users of CBD vape. The main reason for them to experience dry mouth while using vape; is the inclusion of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) in the e-liquid. E-liquids containing a higher concentration of PG produce an even drier effect. However, the reason for the dryness in the mouth is counterintuitive. That said, I would also like to emphasize both PG and VG being humectants and hygroscopic at once. That explains the dryness caused.

Sore Throat

A CBD vape juice may contain nicotine, flavorings, or propylene glycol, etc; which may result in an itchy and sore throat. Furthermore, the soreness can also be caused by the coil used by the atomizer. For instance, sometimes the coil is made from nickel or nickel-based compounds. Developing an allergic reaction to nickel is not uncommon among the users of CBD vape. There are several shreds of evidence in the form of clinical trials and scientific researches that prove that vapes with high nicotine and PG content produce the side effect of sore throat among the users.


This is a common problem experienced by the novice class of customers; although it has no relation with the mix or the ingredients of vape juice. Coughing is the aftermath of wrongly using the CBD vape pen or in the worst-case scenario, the wrong approach followed to inhale the vapor.


It is experienced by individuals who have recently given up smoking and transitioned to vape. You may be thinking that cigarettes and vape, both have nicotine in them. Indeed, your thought process is correct, except, nicotine is not the only alkaloid present in tobacco. Alkaloids are known to have physiological effects on consumers.