Vape Pen Vs. Dab Pen: What’s The Difference?

CBD For Chronic Pain
CBD For Chronic Pain
CBD For Chronic Pain
CBD For Chronic Pain

Inhalation is a common method used for taking CBD. This method is popular because of the intense and fast results it provides. People use different methods for inhaling CBD vapors including dabbing, vaping, and smoking.

Smoking CBD may not be suitable for everyone, as it involves the inhalation of smoke created by burning plant matter. This smoke can be carcinogenic and can lead to different health issues like lung cancer. Therefore, a lot of people do not like to smoke CBD.

However, dabbing and vaping are safer when compared to smoking. Hence, these methods are becoming popular among CBD users. They can help to deliver high amounts of CBD into the bloodstream thereby providing good bioavailability. Therefore, these methods can be suitable for treating chronic health conditions, as they can provide immediate relief from your symptoms. A lot of people prefer these methods when using CBD for chronic pain, panic attacks, severe anxiety disorders, seizures, etc.

Vaping Vs. Dabbing CBD

These are two of the common methods to take CBD and they have a lot of similarities. They involve the inhalation of CBD vapors and offer fast and effective results. However, the products used for vaping and dabbing are different. You will need a vape pen for vaping CBD, whereas, a dab rig or dab pen is necessary for dabbing.

These pens have some differences in terms of the products used in them. You have to be aware of them when choosing a product for you. So we list some of the important differences between dab pens and vape pens for your knowledge.

Dab Pens

Dab rigs were traditionally used for dabbing CBD. However, this apparatus is difficult to carry around because of its huge size. This led to the invention of the dab pen which is a small instrument similar to a pen. It has heating equipment, a mouthpiece, and a battery and is very thin and portable. A dab pen can be used for producing CBD vapors from concentrates.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are similar to dab pens. They are small and portable devices that can be used for making CBD vapors. A vape also has a mouthpiece, heating element, and battery. It is used for producing vapors from CBD vape juice conveniently.

Difference BetweenVape Pen And

The main difference between vape pens and dab pens is in the products used in them. Dab pens are designed for CBD concentrates including wax, isolate, shatter, crumble, etc. But CBD vape oil/juice is used in vape pens to produce vapors. You can also get vape pens that are designed to produce vapors from dry herbs.

So you can choose between a vape pen and dab pen based on the type of product you want to use for inhaling CBD.