Is Using CBD As A Lupus Treatment Option A Safe Move?

CBD For Lupus
CBD For Lupus
CBD For Lupus
CBD For Lupus

Many people wonder whether it is safe to utilize a product with CBD for lupus. There is much anecdotal evidence that doing so is safe, but we need more research on it to make any substantiated claim. Without enough research about CBD and lupus, we can only go on standard details regarding cannabidiol, plus understand from studies about health issues with lupus-like symptoms. The potential treatment option might catch the eye of lupus researchers, though, due to numerous reasons. Some of those reasons are as follows.

  • Lupus plays a part in a widespread occurrence of pain, which includes undertreated and untreated pain. Present lupus treatment options are not flawless. Therefore, medication manufacturers have a considerable incentive to discover drugs that are more efficacious in treating lupus.
  • Many pieces of research indicate that cannabidiol oil is efficacious in treating inflammation and pain. A pure form of the CBD product is generally considered safe. Systemic lupus erythematosus comes with much inflammation.
  • Opioid overdose/addiction is viewed as an epidemic, which puts much strain on not just the medical community’s resources but also law enforcement. Conversely, many pieces of research have demonstrated that if a state legalizes marijuana, the opioid prescription count and opioid overdose-induced demises would come down. That is likely to catch the eye of doctors wanting to protect patients, lawmakers looking for solutions, and law enforcement fighting the issue.
  • There is ample evidence from anecdotes of lupus patients regarding CBD’s effectiveness in treating the condition. While that may not replace scientific evidence, it is something else that possibly grabs the eye of doctors.

Moreover, a study from 2018 featured in the Cellular Immunology journal discovered that cannabidiol may change T lymphocyte activity following an injury to the spinal cord. The unusual activity of T lymphocytes is thought to be a part of lupus.

The health issue can come with neuropathic pain. Many pieces of research indicate that cannabidiol can ease that form of pain emerging from HIV, diabetes, and alternative issues.


You should treat medical decisions seriously. The same goes for a natural treatment option such as CBD, particularly if you consider the legislation. Think about the benefits and disadvantages, as well as the secondary effects of cannabidiol, and discuss those with a doctor. You should have that discussion as your health possibly depends on the same. Some legal changes and many studies on CBD are imminent under the Biden administration, so there may be more options regarding CBD use soon.