How Long Does CBD Stay In Your Body?

CBD Pain Relief
CBD Pain Relief
Effect Of CBD
Effect Of CBD

For the past few years, more and more people started to use CBD products for treating their health problems. CBD, one of the 113 natural cannabinoids, possesses many therapeutic properties that are beneficial for the treatment of health disorders like anxiety, pain, depression, skin problems, epilepsy, nausea, etc.

The popularity of CBD is rising day by day and the CBD market is growing rapidly. Therefore, CBD manufacturers are producing a wide range of CBD products that can be consumed in a number of ways. Many people still have doubts about the use of CBD products because they fear that it could fail them in a drug test. But it is not actually true. How long CBD stays in your system depends on a number of factors. Read ahead to know.

The Amount Of CBD

This is pretty obvious. The more CBD you take, the longer it will stay in your system. If you take higher doses of CBD, it may stay in your system for a longer period of time and it can cause some side effects.

Frequency Of Usage

How often you use CBD could also determine how long CBD stays in your system. If you use CBD products regularly, CBD will build up in your body over time. Occasional use of CBD doesn’t cause it to build up in your body.

Your Body

The effect of CBD is different for everybody. Your metabolism, body mass index, water content, etc. are some of the things that determine how long does CBD stays in your body.

Method Of Use

CBD can be consumed in a number of ways and each method influence the effect of CBD on the body and the duration of the effects. Most people use edible CBD products like CBD gummies and capsules. This consumption method takes a longer time to take effect since it is the digestive system that metabolizes the CBD and you know that digestion takes hours to complete. Therefore, CBD will last longer in your system.

Does CBD Show Up In Drug Test?

It is important to know that most drug tests only look for the presence of THC in your blood and urine. If you are using CBD products with no THC, then you do not have to worry about failing a drug test. Try using CBD products that are made using CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD oil if you worry about the drug test. Products that are made from full-spectrum CBD oil contains 0.3% of THC that may show up in the drug test.