Facts On CBD That You May Not Have Known About

Facts On CBD
Facts On CBD
Facts On CBD
Facts On CBD

CBD has made a name for itself and cuts out a nice little niche, which is growing and bringing in more people exponentially. The growth of the CBD industry has been immense and now is bringing in revenues worth $1 Billion in the year 2019 alone. By the time the next decade comes to a close, the CBD industry would have turned into a colossal $7 Billion industry.

Even with so much information about CBD going around, there are still plenty of misconceptions and knowledge gaps that people have regarding this herbal medication. We will be taking a look at some of the CBD facts that you wouldn’t have known about. Read on…

CBD Isn’t The Only Active Compound: There Are Others In The Party As Well

CBD is what is called a cannabinoid. It is a group of compounds that are present in the cannabis family of plants that include marijuana and hemp plant. CBD is just one of the 113 odd compounds or ‘cannabinoids’ that are present in the final extract. All of these cannabinoids have a role to play and contribute to the holistic wellness experience when one takes a full-spectrum CBD.

The bunch of cannabinoids accentuates the overall benefits through the “entourage effect” which is the result of a synergy between the cannabinoids that increases the individual and collective effect. This is why you should open yourself to full-spectrum CBD extracts if you want the complete package.

You Can Toss It Onto The Pan

You can cook with CBD oil. This doesn’t mean that you drop a steak and drizzle it with CBD. CBD has a low smoking point and is perfect for sautéing at a low temperature not exceeding 2200F. The reason is that the constituents in CBD will start to breakdown and lose their properties when exposed to heat. This is why CBD bottles are tinted – to protect them from direct sun exposure! You can drizzle CBD oil onto your salads, and use them in brownies or other foods that don’t require the application of direct heats. Coffee and tea are also classic beverages to which you can add the goodness of CBD.

CBD Blocks THC

CBD use counteracts the effects of being ‘high’. It blocks certain receptors that cause THC-high. It can mellow the effects and help you gain your senses. However, it is advised that you do not keep your hopes on this completely – it is still unsafe as you will still be slightly impaired.