All You Want To Know About CBD Shatter

Effect Of CBD
Effect Of CBD
CBD Benefits List
CBD Benefits List

The wide acceptance of cannabidiol (CBD) received among people led to the introduction of a large number of CBD products in the market. More and more people are becoming fascinated by this compound day by day because of the many CBD uses. The never-ending CBD benefits list has rejuvenated the CBD industry. Hence, the manufacturers are always coming up with new product ideas that can efficiently deliver the CBD uses to people.

Among the different CBD products available in the market, CBD concentrates are a product that is preferred by a lot of people. This product contains high concentrations of cannabidiol, hence, provides better results than some other CBD products. Therefore, they found their way to different health supplements and medicines.

CBD concentrates usually come in the form of isolates. However, new types of concentrates are now being introduced in the market. One of these products is CBD shatter, which is a new form of concentrates. If you are curious to know about CBD shatters, we include some important information regarding them for helping you to find out whether it is for you.

CBD Shatters

They are a type of isolates. Shatters contain CBD only and there will be no other cannabinoids or compounds present in the plant. This particular CBD product gets its name from the specific texture it has. It has a hard and brittle texture that will shatter easily when handled. It might seem similar to CBD wax, but you can tell the difference between them when you handle it.

For producing shatter, manufacturers will extract all the cannabinoids from the plant and filter it until all the other cannabinoids are removed leaving only CBD. This will form the isolates and when the isolates are kept undisturbed and away from light and heat changes, then it can be converted into shatter. When compared to other concentrates, shatters have the same potency.

How to Use CBD Shatter?

The best way to use CBD shatters is dabbing. This method falls under the smoking category, as it involves vaporization of some kind. You will need special equipment for dabbing CBD shatters. A dabbing rig can be used for this purpose. It might be also possible to use CBD shatters in vaping pens. This method will give you better results.

Many people think that CBD shatter can be used for cooking food items. However, it is better to avoid cooking using shatters as it might change the property of CBD present in it. If you are looking for concentrates that can be used in cooking, then it is better to go for isolates, powders, or crystals.